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How do I use the Siesta Wrap?

Whether you’re chilling out on the couch or trying to grab some shuteye on the morning red-eye Siesta Wraps can be used to nap just about anywhere. After you have wrapped up your nap, simply fold the blanket back into the pillow for convenient storage. Click on the video demonstration on the right for complete details from our co-founder. 

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How do I wash my Siesta Wrap?

Your Siesta Wrap can easily be cleaned in your washing machine. Simply toss into the machine and set it to a warm-water cycle. After that, tumble dry under your dryer’s low heat cycle. The Siesta Wrap should not be bleached, dry cleaned, ironed, or soaked in fabric softener. 

What material is the Siesta Wrap made of?

The Siesta Wrap is made of a super-soft fleece, and is proudly handmade!

What do I do if I received a damaged Siesta Wrap?

If your Siesta Wrap arrives in less-than-perfect condition, please let us know! If you have any concerns with your shipment, visit our contact page to submit a form. We also offer a 100-day money-back guarantee. For more details, please see our Shipping & Return Policy.

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