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The Best Nap -


When you need a nap, grab a Siesta Wrap! 😴

Travel-Ready! 🧳

From red-eye flights to car trips, bus rides and beyond, Siesta Wrap’s unique L-shaped design connects the blanket to the pillow, so there’s one less item to lose!


Multi-Use! 🔁

Whether you’re against a wall, on your back, or snoozing on your side 😴, Siesta Wrap’s patented L-shaped design provides the perfect support in any position.


Soft & Durable! 🧸

From camping trips to cold-weather tailgates, Siesta Wrap’s super-soft and durable fleece goes anywhere you do, and it can be easily cleaned in your washing machine. 

Redo Blanket.gif

Hassle-Free! 🤦‍♀️

Thanks to its queen-sized blanket and fluffy connected pillow, the Siesta Wrap keeps your house organized and lets you easily take a nap at the drop of a hat. 

🥇  The original Siesta Wrap! ⭐️ 

Get Cozy with our Nap-wear! 

What does Siesta Wrap mean?

Siesta means 'nap' in spanish, and it 'Wraps' you up! 💤 

What is a Siesta Wrap?

Whether you’re crashing out on the car or relaxing on a road trip, snoozers can’t lose with a cozy Siesta Wrap! Our unique nap wrap pairs a fluffy L-shaped pillow with a super-soft queen-sized blanket that cuddles you to sleep. 😴


When nap time’s over, simply fold the buttery soft blanket into the pillow’s built-in pouch and you’re ready to roll😎 The Siesta Wrap goes anywhere 🌎, allowing you to take a refreshing nap in all the places you once only dreamed of.

🏆 Siesta Wrap is the best

Fluffy Pillow

Queen-Sized Blanket 

Blanket Storage Pouch

Super Soft Fleece

Travel-Ready and "Works-Anywhere"

Durable, Hassle-Free, & Patented Design

Machine Washable


😌 As easy as...